My Passion for Photography.

About Me

I have been fascinated with photography since childhood, although I did not pursue it professionally. As I traveled extensively throughout the world over the years, I would take every opportunity to photograph the people and places I loved so much. Living in Provincetown, Massachusetts gives me endless opportunities to photograph this town and Cape Cod in its beautiful light.

My Passion

I am a member of the Provincetown Art Association, and currently show my work in the Provincetown Artisan Co-op gallery. I have been doing freelance photography for the local newspaper, the Provincetown Banner, as well as private photo shoots. I use both digital and film cameras. I am also scanning and archiving some of the thousands of film and slide images I have taken over the years.

We have set up a digital darkroom, with state of the art equipment where we do the Photoshop editing, and print all our work. We do minimal editing to present the images the way they were captured when the shutter snapped, and no more. That is unless the intention is a digitized photo.


We always strive for the highest quality in our work, both in the photography, and in the editing, printing, and framing. We work with the highest quality equipment and are continuously upgrading. All of the frames are solid wood, and mats and foam core are acid free. The papers used are the finest acid free archival photo quality art paper available, such as 100% cotton, or photographic rice papers, as well as other unusual printable surfaces. All inks are the finest archival quality lasting many generations with no change in color.

landscape photography of mountain hit by sun rays
landmark photography of trees near rocky mountain under blue skies daytime
blue and brown steel bridge
waves of body of water splashing on sand
trees under cloudy sky during sunset
landscape photography of brown mountain