Clicking Sports

Clicking Sports: Capturing the Action in Photo Spots at Sports Competitions

In the world of photography, few assignments can be as thrilling as capturing the raw emotion and high stakes of sports competitions. With a single click, photographers freeze time, turning dynamic, fleeting moments into lasting visual narratives. However, not all sports competitions happen in colossal stadiums or under glaring floodlights. Some occur in unexpected, intimate spaces, creating unique photo spots. From the sprinter at the finish line to the tense, calculating poker player at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), let’s delve into the who, what, and how of sports photography.

Who Takes Pictures at Sports Competitions?

Professional Sports Photographers

The first group that comes to mind when thinking about who takes pictures at sports competitions is professional sports photographers. They often work for media outlets, sports teams, or event organizers, and they have specialized equipment and training to capture high-quality, action-packed images.

Clicking Sports

Enthusiast Photographers

Then there are enthusiast photographers. These individuals may not necessarily be professionals, but their passion for sports and photography prompts them to capture unique moments. They may be fans who want to document their favorite team or players, or they could be amateur photographers honing their skills.

Diverse Sports, Diverse Photo Spots

Conventional Sports Competitions

When we think of sports competitions, our mind naturally drifts to adrenaline-charged games like football, basketball, or athletics. These competitions, held in massive arenas, are a treasure trove of photo opportunities. Photographers can capture dynamic shots of athletes mid-action, the raw emotion on their faces, and the ambiance of the venue.

The Unconventional Arena: Poker Competitions

Moving away from the conventional arena, let’s consider poker competitions like the WSOP. Poker, being a game of strategy and skill, brings intense focus, calculated moves, and high-stakes decisions into the frame. Here, the photo spots are often closer, more intimate, focusing on player expressions and interactions, the dealing of cards, and the chips on the table. This is a video of a poker competition called WPT  check this video

How to Capture Engaging Photos at Sports Competitions?

Know the Game

Understanding the sport you’re photographing is crucial. Whether it’s predicting the trajectory of a football mid-flight or anticipating the poker player’s reaction to a bluff, knowing the game helps you capture the decisive moment.

Experiment with Perspectives

Don’t limit yourself to one angle or viewpoint. Experimenting with perspectives can lend a unique twist to your photos. For instance, a low-angle shot of a basketball player leaping for a dunk can accentuate the height and dynamics, while a close-up of a poker player can reveal subtle emotions that are easily missed.


Whether it’s the roaring excitement of traditional sports or the quiet intensity of a poker competition like the WSOP, sports photography offers myriad photo spots for captivating images. It’s all about being at the right place at the right time and capturing the essence of the sport and its athletes. So, the next time you watch a game, remember there’s more to it than meets the eye, especially through the lens of a camera.